Sunday, 1 March 2015

Kellie Malone: Sorry

Former boxing promoter Kellie Maloney received a standing ovation at a Ukip conference after speaking about her and other transsexuals’ struggles.

Ms Maloney was close to tears as she read a poem about a transsexual who committed suicide and she started her speech with an apology for comments made while standing to be Mayor of London in 2004 – a decade before she announced her gender change.

At the time, she said she would not campaign in Camden because there were “too many gays”.

Today she said: “I have learned to say sorry and apologise if I am wrong.

“I made a terrible mistake in 2004 when I made a derogatory remark about the gay community, and to them I apologise.

“I had come to terms with myself and accept that I was a transsexual. It is something I hid and something I fought. I wanted to transition very quietly, but unfortunately my transition is probably one of the most public events of 2014.”

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