Sunday, 1 March 2015

Thoughts For The Day: Brian Sewell

‘It is surprising how unpleasant people can be. How untrustworthy friends can become.

'How somebody you think you can absolutely depend on will do something so mean that it astonishes you.’

That’s a bit cryptic for me. What is he talking about?

‘People pinch things. They do, yes. The only thing to do is say sod it and forget it.’

Forget the thing or the person?


So is he saying that friends have taken advantage of him and stolen things?

‘Yes, which makes me wonder if they ever were friends in the first place.’

Were these things of great value?

‘Ha! Shall we say not inconsiderable. It is very wounding.’

Is he just going to let them get away with it?

‘Well, let that be on their conscience and not on mine.’

It sounds like he ought to call the police, but Sewell wants to change the subject so I ask, does he believe in Heaven?

‘Well, it would be huge comfort to believe but it has always been a tussle between what my heart wants and what my head says.

‘My head is winning at the moment, hands down.’

Sewell once wrote that he would take his own life if he became desperately ill, but now he has changed his mind.

‘I am trying to stay alive, because there are still things I want to do....'

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