Friday, 24 April 2015

Drag Studies: It's A Bloody Minnie Mouse Degree! Etc

'Senior lecturer and drag queen Mark Edward'.
A UNIVERSITY is launching a course on wearing drag for degree students.

Undergraduates in their third year will be invited to study the “art”.

It is open to those taking degrees in dance and drama or performing arts at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, Lancs.

Senior lecturer Mark Edward — himself a drag queen — said: “This module not only explores drag as a highly camp performance art, it also engages with complex gender, feminist and queer theory.

“It is completely unique in exploring the crossing of boundaries in terms of gender and performance.”

Edge Hill — motto In Knowledge There Is Opportunity — has 16,000 students and was 2014’s University of the Year.

Mr Edward said the course was not just “wigs, make-up and high heels”.

He said: “Performers have been ‘dragging up’ since Shakespearean times.”

Like the way The Sun start by making this sound like you can get a degree in how to put on lippy and walk in heels.

Yesterday's Telegraph gave the module a fairly fair hearing.

Hopefully the Mail and Express will cover this soon and send their readers FEWMIN! 

PS The drag kings and drag queens of performance module at Edge Hill University.

Und! Are straight men in drag offensive to women? An NUS Women’s Conference recently called for a ban on cross-dressing 'as a mode of fancy dress'. Martin Daubney defends a man's right to wear a frock A spirited defence in the Telegraph by an ex-editor of Loaded.

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