Monday, 27 April 2015

Eurovision: 'Too Gay' For Top Tory Twot Shock

Is Eurovision too gay? Mouths dropped and pearls were clutched on Friday at Bafta headquarters in Piccadilly, which hosted a day-long conference on the impact of the contest attended by academics, aficionados and past performers — including last year’s winner Conchita Wurst.

On the agenda were such weighty matters as “how the Eurovision Song Contest has been used as a platform of expression for diverse communities, to create national and European identities and as a tool for nation branding”.

But the man who raised eyebrows in a genteel kerfuffle was Fraser Nelson, editor of The Spectator, and a surprising Eurovision devotee. In the UK at least, opined the Scot, the contest had been “reduced to the level of a musical gay pride march. I prefer it in Sweden, where it’s seen more as a family show, an entertainment extravaganza,” he said. Cue mild harrumphing in the hall and one fan suggesting that the term “too gay” smacked of homophobia.

Sensing a miffed audience, Nelson reframed his opinion, saying the camp aspect showed “values of tolerance — and it exports those values in a vivid way to places where they are still to be accepted”...

Spectator's editor is camping it up, Londoner's Diary, Evening Standard.

Here's Fraser paying fulsome tribute to ABBA, and saying something baffling about our attitude to Eurovision and the European Union

I've often wondered if the unfeasibly right-wing Mr Nelson was a screaming wotnot, think I've now reached my conclusion.

Update: Fraser says it wasn't him who said it! That was a panel moderator's precis of the 'reduced to the level of a gay pride march. I prefer it in Sweden, where it's seen more as a family show...', presumably. Which seems a reasonable interpretation. 

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