Tuesday, 28 April 2015

General Election 2015: Oops!

Here's the first version, that made LGBTory, Lib Dem, SNP members have kittens, saying it was misleading.

Compare and contrast to Stonewall's breakdown of the major parties LGBT manifesto pledges.

Stonewall have often been accused of cosying up to Labour - most notably when Angela Mason backed Frank Dobson, a Labour MP not noted for his support of LGBT equality, in the Mayor Of London election in 2000, over Ken Livingstone, who had been a pioneer and public champion for some 20 years.

After leaving Stonewall in 2002, Mason was made head of the Women And Equality Unit quango by the Labour government, doubling her salary to £80,000. In 2007 she was made Dame Angela Mason.

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