Monday, 27 April 2015

General Election 2015: Vote For Patrick Harvie

[SCOTTISH] GREENS chief Patrick Harvie thought he was about to enjoy a referendum bounce of his own when he met a dishy young bloke on a train.

His party had been boosted by a huge surge in membership, from 1,500 to 9,000, since standing with the Yes Campaign in last September’s historic vote.

And, although Patrick also saw his personal popularity soar, his new found fame has not put his love life on track.

He reveals: “I was on the train coming back from Brighton and was in the wee shop on board when a gorgeous young man smiles at me.

“He says how lovely it is to meet me. Big grin and all that. I’m thinking ‘hello’. He also took a selfie — I wish it had been more than a selfie.

“Then later he tells me how excited his wife was that he’d met me. And that was that.”

Speaking about his private life for the first time, the openly gay leader, adds: “I am currently single.

“I can’t use the excuse that I’m too busy with the party or campaigning. I’ve just never been very good when it comes to relationships.”

Patrick looks like a mini Rab C Nesbitt in his white vest when we meet to run around his local park in Glasgow’s southside...

The Scottish Sun.

What an hilarious anecdote!

The closest we come to discussing policy is; 'I’m not saying we should be digging up the runways to plant cabbages, but I think we should fly less.'

Oh, and he supports Scottish independence, and was once described as ‘voice of the irresponsible left-led anti-family anti-Christian gay whales against the bomb coalition’.

'That made me quite proud. I want a plaque on my desk that’s long enough to fit all that in.'

I hope that's helped Scottish voters make up their minds.

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