Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Fagburn: Waking Up With The House On Fire

Don't really feel like writing right now, to be honest, and it'll just be even more maudlin and boring than normal.

A bit like this country for the next five years AMIRITE!!???

And I can't summon up the excitement that's infected others over such thrilling epoch-changing news as Vienna getting some gay-friendly traffic lights for Eurovision.

'I wish I was like you, easily amused...' Kurt Cobain.
See you in a bit. x

PS Not sure I fully understand the homoerotic semiotics in the above cartoon from today's Independent, but it's notably a far bleaker picture than all those 'In bed with Dave and Nick' ones after the last election.

Yes, all that pre-vote buzz was ten hundred million thousand years ago, because the polls were wrong and we’d never actually thought anything good about Miliband ever. And the polls were wrong because people were lying to the pollsters. The glaring disparity between the weeks of pre-election polling and the actual result is surely useful scientific data: perhaps the most comprehensive investigation into the difference between what people claim to think and what they actually think ever undertaken. Clearly, voting Tory is a guilty pleasure some people won’t readily admit to – like masturbating or listening to Gary Barlow. Or masturbating while listening to Gary Barlow. In the voting booth. Using your free hand to vote Conservative. Cameron’s Britain...

Charlie Brooker, The Guardian.

Many amateur psephologists have tried to explain the discrepancy between the pollsters predictions and the result by talking about a Conservative voter closet - Just how shy can a closet true blue get? Hugo Rifkind, The Times - though this doesn't explain why many would fess up in an exit poll.

Sad thing is the people who have the least faith in voting making any meaningful change are the ones who are the worst off in this country. 

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  1. Back in 5 years? What will we do for bile till then? Fagburn, that's a long time.