Wednesday, 6 May 2015

General Erection 2015: Geddit???

We have been watching Ipsos MORI and YouGov all campaign long – they're not giving us any clues.

One minute the Conservatives are surging ahead, the next Labour look as though they might have a real shot.

So I thought I would conduct my own poll exclusive to Daily Star Online to find out who's really going to be our next Prime Minister.

Using blow-up sex dolls.

That's right – there are now blow-up dolls shaped like our very own prospective PMs Ed Miliband and David Cameron. Milifans and Cameronettes eat your heart out.

So what did people think?

I took our many-holed but decently-dressed friends to the streets of the political heart of our country – Westminster...

I'd've loved to have been at the editorial meeting that thought this was a real humdinger.

PS And this classy headline is even beneath me...

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