Sunday, 31 May 2015

Homophobia Watch: More Drunks In Trouble

A gay couple have claimed they were kicked out of a London pub for kissing.

Oliver Brideshead-Revisted and boyfriend Hugh Poncey-Squire went to police after being ejected from the London venue Glory Holes.

They also claim a member of security staff called them a homophobic slur.

The couple allege they had been having an argument but were making up when a member of the door staff pulled Squire away.

Hugh told reporters; 'This was a clear case of HOMOEOPHOBIA!'

This comes mere days after a drunk les claimed she was thrown out of the notoriously anti-gay Balans on Old Compton Street.

An onlooker said; 'These posh twats were pissed out of their minds FFS.'

Oliver commented; 'More Champagne? Hic!'

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