Thursday, 2 July 2015

BBC Radio 4: Chemsex

Being a modern multi-media kinda guy I've been livetweeting during this Radio 4 shock doc. >>>

Might not calm down enough from hearing about the FULL ABJECT HORROR OF THIS SORDID GAY DRUGS DEATH CULT for a bit, but will try and write something like a proper review soon. x

Quick review: Not as ALL THESE GAY DRUG SLUTS ARE GONNA DIE as I'd feared. Much of it sounded like an ad for the chemsex scene. Clearly the work of David 'Chicken Licken' Stuart. I know of one contributor who spoke against his self-serving narco-hysteria narrative who was left on the cutting room floor. The conclusion - 'Why don't they go on dinner dates?' - was too funny for words.

PS Mobeen Azhar summarizes his programme in an article for Attitude online.

An interview with GT appears to have been written by a school matron trying to out vanilla him; 'So it’s a lonely and sad lifestyle?' etc etc

There's also a 10 minute report on the Victoria Derbyshire Programme on iPlayer (1.20 in).

You also might find this of interest; Sigma Research's The Chemsex Study: Drug Use In Sexual Settings Among Gay and Bisexual Men In Lambeth, Sothwark & Lewisham.

It's a serious and thorough piece of research, and not more of the dodgy and sensationalist narco-hysteria about gay men and drugs that the straight and gay media like to fixate on.

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