Friday, 3 July 2015

Gay Star News: Adorable!

Kids + gay marriage + will warm your heart + adorable = GSN BINGO!

Cause sentimental crap makes their world go round.

Yay, my life is so validated by the moral choices of some little people who probably still wet the bed!

The sad thing is Gay Star News have no idea what a tedious gay cliché machine they are.

There's also something of a classic Gay Star News 'news' story today.

They've finally cottoned on that the 'Relentlessy gay garden' story may - just possibly - be a hoax.

Poor GSN, always the last to know...

No apologies for running a totally credulous news story about this last month.

Even though anyone with an IQ higher than a labrador's could see it stank.

Queerty did the same thing a week ago.

But GSN oblivious to this, only ran their story after Mail Online had picked up on Queerty's story two days ago!

Again, if all the gay news media is doing is re-running stories they've seen in the straight press - and GSN's is a clear copy of the Mail's - then there is no point to the gay news media.

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