Thursday, 2 July 2015

Hillary Clinton: Thank You Ma'am!

Back in 2009 (four years before the current presidential hopeful formally endorsed marriage equality), then-Secretary of State Clinton expressed concern over purported torture of gay men in Iraq in one of many released conversations from 2009 with her adviser Cheryl Mills, reports the Washington Blade.

“So sad and terrible," wrote Clinton of the alleged antigay brutality in Iraq. "We should ask Chris Hill to raise this w govt. If we ever get Posner confirmed we should emphasize LGBT human rights.” ...

And that, unbelievably, is the story.

Yup, Clinton once sent a private email saying she thought reports of gay men in Iraq being tortured and murdered was 'sad and terrible', this was in the chaos unleashed in the wake of a criminal war she'd always supported.

And this - apparently - shows she has 'always' supported LGBT rights, even though she was speaking out against equal marriage at the time.

One wonders what squish-squish sad-face sadness she felt over the countless gay men that must have died as 'collateral damage'.

And what would she do about it?

Send in the rainbow-coloured drones?

The gay media's fawning over this appalling woman is sickening.

Here's a quick corrective, Codepink's Medea Benjamin on Hillary The Hawk.

Her election campaign looks like being political pinkwashing defined.

I doubt her own press office could think they'd get away with trying to push such utter bilge.

The above epic exercise in point-missing puffery was regurgitated by both of our own pink stenographers to power, Pink News (New emails reveal Hillary Clinton thought Iraq's treatment of gays was 'sad and terrible'), and Gay Star News, who gave it the exact same crass spin as the Advocate... 

You cannot hope to bribe or twist,
the homosexual journalist.

But seeing what the man will do 
there's really no occasion to.

Humbert Wolfe, 1930, adapted.


  1. Hillary Clinton! She's so FIERCE!!! She's serving GAY RIGHTS REALNESS!!!

    1. Whenever I read cliches like that in the gay media, I say it in my head in the voice I imagine the white posh nerd who wrote it has.

      'You go girl!' etc etc