Friday, 3 July 2015

Holly Woodlawn: Bring Holly Home

Holly Woodlawn, the beloved, iconic transgender LBGT pioneer and Warhol superstar is very ill. 

She is currently in the hospital in Los Angeles in a private room. The hospital has asked that we not give out the name because they are already fielding many phonecalls about Holly and are not set up to handle it. Holly cannot speak on the telephone now and her condition is dire. She is undergoing investigative measures to determine exactly the nature of the lesions discovered on her brain and lungs. There are also other physical conditions challenging her recovery. Holly's has made it clear that she wants to return home, surrounded by friends and if she must die, she doesn't want to die in a nursing home.

We who love Holly, hope to raise enough funds to continue her care and hopefully bring Holly home with 24 hour nursing care , after she recuperates in a nursing home. Currently, we have no means to achieve these goals, which also include provisions for her funeral and to secure her last resting place. Holly gave visibility long before it was comfortable to do so and also gave thousands of people both hope and pleasure.

Please contribute and help us bring Holly home and please, please share this widely.


With a cruel irony, Warhol's One Dollar Bill (Silver Certificate) sold for £20 million at Sotheby's yesterday.

Maybe the seller and buyer could donate some money?

Full disclosure: Posted earlier today but bumped up cause I hate seeing GSN at the top of the page.

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  1. This is self-evidently the way the future must go in Britain: you beg on a crowdfunding site for the money to pay for your medical treatment or care.