Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Pink News: I Also See Auras

If you have ever wanted to know what the future might hold, natural clairvoyant and medium, Maria Taylor might be able to help. Maria is Bournemouth’s premier clairvoyant, but offers her services to anyone who calls, at a non-premium rate.

PinkNews caught up with Maria about how she found her clairvoyance, what her job involves and the types of people she has been able to help.

Her services might not be what you expect – avoiding crystal balls, and black cats, Maria aims to offer more of a life guidance service. On what she does day-to-day Maria told PinkNews: “I deal with a whole range of issues. It can be anything from a work problem, to exams, a relationship, a career problem or a sexuality concern. I am there to give clarity.”

One of her skills, Maria says, is having an insight into someone’s sexuality before they have come to terms with it. “A lot of my client base is gay. Sometimes I will deal with clients that have perhaps not comfortably settled within or come to terms with their sexuality, by looking at them and being in their energy I am able to gain an insight." ...

Pink News.

Just beyond.

Can this fraud not be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act?

Probably the most lunatic piece in the gay media since the then editor of Gay Times, Joe Galliano, commissioned a series, 'The Money Gym', but at least that was pulled at the last minute when it was pointed out it was a pyramid scam.

PS Meanwhile it's all kicking off on Gay Star News...

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