Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Justin Bieber: What Wouldn't I Give?

Justin Bieber's Instagram.

I would die happy being suffocated by your buttocks.

PS Some top comedy from The Guardian's art critic, Jonathan Jones.

Michelangelo’s David expresses readiness and vigilance. It was hailed when first unveiled as a symbol of the Florentine republic, defying its enemies. David is getting ready to fire a stone at the enemy. He looks ahead with keen eyes. But he is relaxed. From behind, his buttocks hang easy. This mixture of keenness and calm is the kind of pose Greek sculptors first gave to statues of athletes 2,500 years ago.

Bieber is a modern David, pregnant with controlled energy. He appears to be preparing to dive into that blue water ahead of him. He’s keen like David, calm like David. No wonder the fans are excited.

Michelangelo too would be pretty stoked if he saw this.

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