Monday, 13 July 2015

Russia: Can't Happen Here!

Following the legalization of gay marriage in the US, ChebuRussia TV decided to conduct a social experiment to see what would happen if two men held hands as they walked through the streets of Moscow.

Reactions were captured by a camera hidden in the bag of a third person walking ahead.

As expected, there is a lot of staring and name-calling, and even a few physical confrontations.

‘Russia’s in the bin because gays have overtaken and are walking the streets’ is one of many insults hurled at the two men.

At one point, one the men says he’s frightened after being violently shouldered by a muscular skinhead, and the clip ends ominously with another physical altercation.

‘On one side of the planet this is absolutely normal. In Russia – it’s not,’ the video concludes...

Of course, if they did that in South Carolina or Southampton everyone would just garland them with flowers.

A quick glance at the UK and US media shows we totally eradicated social homophobia in March 1983.

Not like these backwards Russians!

Some GSN readers comment...

What stuped straight people have in rusia wow homofobic please everybody gays of rusia come to América your are welcome baby ya U.S.A is freedom for everybody

There was that American psycho killing several innocent kids at a school, why didn't he kill all these homophobic ppl in Russia, ugh u know what, America do us a favour and wipe Russia out of the map please

Yay, genocide! That'll learn 'em.

PS Several other readers in the wonderful West point out they get this all the time...


  1. So soon we (are supposed to) forget that a similar 'experiment' was done in Luton (of all places) earlier this year.

  2. It must have been 1977, I was walking along Jerymn Street, looking in an antique shop window, when I turned round and saw two men walking arm-in-arm in broad daylight. To say I was shocked would be an understatement... I was shocked to the core of my being. I had the cheek to be on my way to the 'dilly as if that was perfectly normal at the time.