Thursday, 2 July 2015

Thatcher: Es Depuesto Por Reina Socialista

She was a doyenne of right-wing politicians around the world, but Madrid’s tribute to Margaret Thatcher – a square named after the Iron Lady – may be short-lived as the city’s new left-wing Mayor considers renaming Plaza Margaret Thatcher less than a year after its inauguration.

It was all pomp and ceremony in September last year when Mark Thatcher, son of the former Prime Minister, was invited to break ground on the site in the centre of the Spanish capital.

Just 10 months on, and after Madrid elected a left-wing former judge as its new Mayor in May, the decision could be reversed. According to the conservative Breitbart news website, Manuela Carmena has indicated that she favours replacing Thatcher’s name with that of Pedro Zerolo, a former Spanish Socialist party politician and gay rights activist who died of cancer last month. Ms Carmena is reported to have told supporters of her Ahora Madrid party, a coalition of left-wing groups, that they “do not want a space for public use in town to be named after the Iron Lady who enslaved the workers”.

Zerolo’s life and career could hardly be more at odds with that of Thatcher, Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990. Born in Venezuela to parents exiled by Franco’s dictatorship, he became a passionate advocate for gay rights, and was among the first Spaniards to marry his partner in 2005 when gay marriage was made legal...

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