Thursday, 30 July 2015

Thought For The Day: Neil Bartlett

A lot of people complain that work leaves them too little time for sex. Others are very specifically angry about the influence of porn on young men. Disappointment, frustration and confusion are universal and multi-gendered – though, to my immense relief, what this myriad of anonymous voices reveals is one huge contemporary certainty. Far from being something best left to priests, pornographers or politicians, sex is something people want to think about for themselves. My own advice to my younger self, now that so many strangers have told me what they are really up to, would be simple: when we have sex, we’re not looking for plumbing – but for meaning.

Neil Bartlett's conclusions after 10,000 people answered his questionnaire about sexual fantasies.

Replies are used in his installation, Excuse Me, Would You Mind If I Asked You a Few Personal Questions About Sex?, on display at the Wellcome Collection in London, as part of the exhibition, The Institute of Sexology.

Fagburn went to this excellent show last year, but can't remember what he said. 

PS Nelly B's latest novel, The Disappearance Boy, appears in paperback today.

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