Saturday, 18 July 2015

Tom Daley: Exclusive Interview

Hi Tom,

When did you first realise you loved cock.

'Dunno. Maybe 12?'

Did you never look in the mirror and think I'm a big screaming what-not'?

'Yeah,' she giggles coquettishly.

Your boyfriend is so fucking old.

'Yeah,' he laughs again.


PS Let us not forget this Guardian article by leading upper class twit, Mark Simpson, saying our Tom is not gay.


  1. I don't believe for a second that Dustin was his first taste of the D. Also, he says he met him at someone's house, but I thought they met at the Nickelodeon Awards where Dustin was trolling for chicken.

    1. They met at the Twink Of The Year awards...

    2. That's right. I think he was looking for a screenwriting partner at the Nickelodeon Awards.