Friday, 17 July 2015

Tweet Of the Day: Peter Tatchell

Saint Peter is currently organising a vigil for two child rapists - note even he has now stopped saying they were hanged 'just for being gay', a lie he started.

Please let me know what lies I've told, happy to correct them. x


The rainbow fart machine Gay Star News.
UPDATE: For clarity, GSN has noted from the outset this report has not been independently verified. Taheri is yet to reply to our questions seeking to substantiate his claims. We urge caution but feel it is in the public interest to report the claims, given they are gaining traction on social media. GSN is in touch with other sources in Iran and is continuing to investigate.

So why the fuck are you running it then?


  1. You may enjoy and savour a phrase in the 4th paragraph of this article.