Sunday, 2 August 2015

Brighton Pride: Jolly Coppers On Parade (Gayers Not Pictured)

Independent On Sunday.

Aren't our police juswunnerful etc etc.

Not long til they can run that evergreen classic photo; a policeman dancing with a black woman at Notting Hill Carnival.


9 pictures here. As per, you can't see any of their faces (bar, possibly one), just some queens hidden by drag.

Gay shaming after a gay pride event, yeah!

Oh do fuck off.

Update: Same bunch of PA photos on Guardian online - but look, this one has another camouflaged drag queen AND a copper!!!


NB George Montague, the fabled 'oldest gay in the village', and his husband as of Friday, Somchai.

So why do we only see the back of their heads?

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