Monday, 17 August 2015

EastEnders: Funeral Games

An EastEnders sex scene involving secret gay couple Ben Mitchell and Paul Coker will not be investigated further by Ofcom, despite a huge uproar on social media.

The watchdog received 76 complaints after the episode was aired a few weeks ago.

In the scene, the characters, played by Harry Reid and Jonny Labey, kissed next to an open coffin and were later seen getting dressed.

Ofcom said it assessed the complaints but 'concluded they didn't raise issues warranting further investigation'.

Its decision continued: 'We found the scenes were justified in the context of a long-running plotline and sexual contact between the characters was implied rather than overt.

'Our rules don't discriminate between scenes involving opposite-sex and same-sex couples.' 

Twitter was awash with shocked comments from viewers criticising the storyline, branding it 'disgraceful and distasteful'.

'Having sex in a room with a dead body, oh #eastenders', one social media user wrote, while another posted, 'Well. Wasn't expecting to watch #Eastenders tonight and see a dead body in a coffin.. Thanks for that #horrible'.

A third fan raged, 'Catching up on #Eastenders - Did I really just see 2 blokes making out in a room with a dead woman laying in a coffin? #BBC do need saving!'

A BBC spokesman hit back at the claims at the time, saying: 'The millions of regular EastEnders fans who tune in each week know and expect dramatic storylines.

'We are always mindful of out time slot in which we are shown and the scenes in question were implied and not explicit.'

In the same episode Ben was arrested on suspicion of killing Lucy Beale in a dramatic police showdown.

Earlier in the evening, the sexually-confused teen, forgetting all about his girlfriend Abi Branning, was seen stripping off with hairdresser Paul in the heat of the moment in front of Mrs Birch's unwitting corpse.

Their romp was interrupted by Paul's grandparents listening at the door to see if he was still styling the body's hair.

'Best knock first. I wouldn't want to put him off his stroke,' Les Coker declared. 'I think he must be finishing off.' 

Daily Mail.


Mail readers were divided.

Said tinytum; 'soaps are supposed to reflect real life,,,who do you know who has done this,,,,i no longer watch any of them, its all drugs,,sex,,gay ness..etc,,,,sorry but most people do not live like that,,,,,,,,we have lost our way'

But adamb commented; 'Really? People got offended at this? What sad lives they must lead.'

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  1. What's all this hypocrisy about a dead body? Doesn't someone get raped, murdered or beaten up in EastEnders every few months? Where are all the complaints about that?