Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Gay Money: We Got Trillions!!!

The annual spending power of the global LGBT community has been estimated as $3.7trillion (€3.4trillion).

The figure was calculated by LGBT Capital, an asset manager that specializes in providing financial services and advice to the LGBT community.

It offers a further figure of $14trillion (€12.7trillion) for LGBT household wealth (LGBT-Wealth), and estimates that LGBT wealth in the US alone represents $5trillion (€4.6trillion).

‘It is estimated that the Global Spending Power of the LGBT consumer segment is US$3.7 trillion per annum, with an LGBT population estimate of about 450 million,’ said LGBT Capital in a statement.

‘Asia is fast developing, already with an estimated LGBT-GDP in excess of US$1 trillion and with China alone estimated to have an LGBT population of more than 80 million.’ ...

Gay Star News.

It's just embarrassing that the gay media can print this junk without question.

Actually it's depressing.

Fagburn thinks the name 'LGBT Capital' is hilarious, though.

PS Gay Money: The Truth About Lesbian And Gay Economics - a brilliant, well-researched blog debunking nonsense like this.

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