Friday, 21 August 2015

Homosexuals: Death

HACKERS have risked the lives of homosexuals living in countries where it is illegal to be gay — by potentially outing them online.

Secret affair site Ashley Madison is believed to have been used by gay people living in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where homosexuality still carries the death penalty.

And since cyber criminals uploaded the details of 37million members on Tuesday evening, gay account holders face brutal punishments if outed.

There are 50 members of the site, predominately used by adulterers but also thought to have been used by gay singles hoping to avoid detection, registered in Qatar...

The Sun.

An hysterical gay, pictured recently.
'Homosexuals' are not sentenced to death just for being gay in any country in the world - and even arrests are so rare that they make the western news - but thanks for being hysterical.

PS Your chances of overdosing on GHB - or whatever we're supposed to be scared about this year - are insignificant.

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