Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Peter Tatchell Watch: The T-Count

Another press release released to the press by Peter Tatchell of the Peter Tatchell Foundation and reprinted in Pink News.

I'm pretty sure Saint Peter just acts like an MI6 stooge for free.

A PN reader, Just Passing By, comments...

"Peter Tatchell, director of the Peter Tatchell Foundation"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, pretty much sums up Peter Tatchell.

In the olden days of the internet, in the newsgroup uk.gay-lesbian-bi, there used to be a running joke called the "T-count" - that was the number of times Peter Tatchell referred to himself in the third person, in press releases written by himself, and put out by the "organisations" of which he was supposedly the leader (which in practice meant: Peter Tatchell, and the most recent handful of people he'd met and hadn't yet fallen out with, and who were willing to do Peter Tatchell's bidding unquestioningly - for a brief while, usually, until they found out what he's like). But at that time, he didn't name those organisations after himself, he just referred to himself as "Peter Tatchell" in the third person, rather than "I". He now seems to have switched tactics: he does now use "I" in press releases, but has started calling the latest incarnation of his "organisation" after himself instead.

(Just as an exercise for the reader, I leave it to them to count the number of times Tatchell uses the words "I'", "my", and "me" in the fairly brief quotes that are attributed to him here.)

When asked the inevitable; 'BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE???' he answers..

I'd say I have done exactly the same amount for the progess of human rights as Peter Tatchell has: absolutely nothing. Beyond, perhaps, voting for the right political parties. I don't consider "getting the name of Peter Tatchell mentioned in the media as often as possible" much of a human right that needs progressing.

But if you have evidence of some of these human rights achievements of his, I'd love to hear about it.And no, press releases from the Peter Tatchell Foundation, written by Peter Tatchell, and mentioning Peter Tatchell in the third person, don't count as evidence.

And oh yes, I've reread my post, and I fail to see any of those "slurs" you have detected. The closest I ever came to P.T. personally was exactly in that uk.gay-lesbian-bi newsgroup I mentioned. He steadfastly refused to participate in that, despite ranting about things being said there on his own mailing list (well, the mailing list for whatever "organisation" he was calling himself at the time). The reason was very simple: on that mailing list, he routinely kicked out anyone who dared to disagree with His Peterness the Tatchell in any way. Actual discussion in a (quite polite, well-mannered) forum where he didn't call the shots was beneath him.

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