Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Ted Heath: Unbelievable

Regular viewers may have noticed that Fagburn went into involuntary exile just after one of the most lunatic episodes in the British media of all time; ludicrous and unfounded claims that former PM Ted Heath was a child molester were splashed all over the front pages as if they were serious charges.

I sometimes suspect my old computer may have commited suicide in despair.

Here's the Sunday People - easily the worst offender - claiming Edward Heath attended meetings of the Paedophile Information Exchange and used to rape and murder boys on his yacht.


Several papers later ran articles by columnists pointing out what an avalanche of absolute nonsense it all was.

For the record, here are four of the best...

How easy it is to convict the dead and defenceless, Simon Jenkins, The Guardian.

There's no evidence against Ted Heath, Ann Widdecombe (hell yes!), Daily Express.

The crusade against Ted Heath: Dancing on people's graves, Frank Furedi, Spiked.

If Heath was a child abuser, I'm an aardvark, Matthew Parris, The Times.

Admittedly, Fagburn is going out on a limb here and is working on the assumption that none of these people are members of the infamous Dolphin Square VIP paedophile ring and are just covering the late Sir Edward's tracks.

PS It goes on. Sky News today; Prison worker makes Ted Heath allegation.

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