Sunday, 20 September 2015

Gareth Williams: No New Death Evidence Shock

THE MI6 spy whose body was found in a bag worked undercover as a woman, an expert claims.

It would explain why Gareth Williams, 31, had £20,000 worth of ladies’ designer clothes and shoes and a red wig at his home.

The theory also answers why his neighbours saw only a woman coming and going to his flat.

Forensic investigator Peter Faulding, who has probed the mystery death, said: “The key question never asked was, ‘Were these clothes used for his job?’. I am certain they were.”

Peter claims the expensive items were bought by Williams’ bosses.

He added: “I’m certain he made a very convincing female. He was slim, with feminine features. And as a cyclist he shaved his legs.”

It has been suspected the clothes were part of a secret lifestyle.

The Sun On Sunday.

Maybe he did - though there's CCTV footge of him entering his flat rather obviously not in drag (and I can't recall this 'neighbours saw only a woman...' claim before) - but what on earth would this tell us about how he died?

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