Thursday, 24 September 2015

LGBTs Support Refugees & Migrants: Launch Statement

The sight of people risking their lives to escape war, poverty and oppression has been heart-breaking. The callous response from the British government stands in stark contrast to the compassion and commitment of ordinary people who have risen up across towns, cities and villages to organise and bring solidarity to the refugees.

We are a group of LGBT people who have been active in Stand Up to Racism and Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. We know what it’s like to be scapegoated, made to feel like outsiders and to be persecuted by the media. We will not allow oppression, division and hatred to succeed. We therefore ask all LGBT people who are dismayed by the plight of refugees to join us now to build practical and political solidarity.


We will be taking our banner to Calais on the Stand Up To Racism convoy on 17th October, along with all the supplies and money we can collect in the meantime. We will liaise with emergency organisations on the ground at Calais and other crisis areas.

We will build the biggest possible contingent on the demonstrations at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester on October 4th (TUC march) and October 6th- Stand Up To Racism plans to protest as Home Secretary Theresa May makes her speech.

• All ideas welcome - please join us
• No to oppression and persecution
• Tear down the barriers: REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE

If you would like to add your name please message this Facebook page with your name, contact details and position/organisation.

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