Saturday, 19 September 2015

Roland Emmerich: That's Easy For You To Say

“For me, being gay in Hollywood was easy,” he said. “I never made a big deal out of it. I was just openly gay. It happened late because I never wanted to have the words ‘gay director’ in front of my name. I wanted to make such different films. It’s not befitting but now I can be openly gay and still make these films.”

The initial release of the Stonewall trailer caused some controversy with claims that the film was focusing on the white male experience over all others as well as a suggestion that a brick through a window is what started the riots. Emmerich defined the uproar as “strange”.

“A friend of mine was executive for Tristar at the time of Philadelphia,” he said. “They got so much shit from the gay audience and when this whole controversy over my trailer started, he actually just sent me a couple of quotes people had said about Philadelphia just to make me feel that there’s a precedent for this.”

He compared the LGBT community to the “democratic party of America”, saying that: “Everybody has their own agenda and everyone wants to have their say”...


I'm alright, Jill?

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