Saturday, 5 September 2015

Strictly: Come Twitterstorm!

Around noon on Saturday a mini Twitterstorm ERUPTED! over a quote in the Mirror's Strictly story from a BBC spokesbot; 'Strictly Come Dancing is a family show and we’ve chosen the traditional format of mixed-sex couples...'

Not sure if this is from a rather dim-witted and/or clumsy-tongued junior press office.

I've a feeling it's not a direct quotation, but has been 'massaged', possibly after the Mirror asking leading questions.

Quotes in tabloids can be only very loosely based on what was actually said, and are often completely made-up.

Whilst they clearly don't want same-sex couples on (yet), I'd be flabbergasted if this 'because it's a family show ' is Aunty Beeb's official line.

If a press wonk actually said this antedeluvian twoddle I hope they get a good old-fashioned Beeb bollocking.

Whatever, this would hardly be the frst time that a gay Twitterstorm has ERUPTED! over something that didn't actually happen.

Or something that doesn't really matter that much.

PS This Attitude reader is MAD AS HELL!
Good luck with your incredibly well thought out 'boycotting a TV show' thing, posh dude.


  1. The gayers should have their own show. Strictly Prancing maybe, or I'm a Celibate Queen, Get Me Out of Here..... Britain's Got Faggots.

  2. Why on earth would this be made up? The BBC constantly refers to "family entertainment". And surely the reason is because the BBC is terrified of the storm that two queens prancing about together would cause?

    Why is the left so misty eyed about the BBC? Just because swivel eyed right wingers think its full of pinkos doesn't make that true. Just as the ballot papers went out, the BBC did at least two hatchet jobs on Corbyn. Yvette Cooper's campaign actually sent out a link to Newsnight's focus groups with 10 former Labour voters who'd voted Tory. Obviously, Labour does not need to win back those who didn't vote or switched to the Greens, Lib Dems, UKIP or SNP.

    1. It's more that I'm sceptical about tabloid reporting.

      The 'Strictly Same-Sex Dancing Row' story it comes from appears to be rather twisted (at best), so why wouldn't this quote be?

    2. I think this is at least the fourth time that this subject has arisen, including once from your favourite, Ben Cohen, who allegedly said he wanted to dance with a man. Why hasn't it happened? Because it's a family show and the Beeb wants to keep it traditional...

      The quote might be made up, but it certainly sounds like the kind of thing a BBC spokesbot would say and certainly not something someone would be bollocked for. What are they supposed to say. "The issue of same sex pairings has arisen several times, but it's not going to happen because we are scared shitless of the Daily Mail"?

  3. oh youre all oh so liberal. you twats .do any of you know the mechanics of ballroom and latin dancing . i do having danced from 6-16 years old. even if you had two guys or two girls someone would have to lead..someone woud have to take the male or female the nature of this type of dance requires it, unless you reinvented the dances what you would be promoting is a stereotyped form of Gay would look shit and be shit....just thought id' add this..

    1. I'm with you on this.

      Great to hear from someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

    2. Yes, nice to hear from a narrow minded twat, Ballroom and Latin dancing are between a man and a woman, so there! We put a man on the moon, but it’s impossible to work out a way for two people of the same sex to dance together. With thinking like that it's a wonder we have any actresses and that men don't still play all the female parts as in Shakespeare's day. Or that we have female doctors or married women are allowed to own property. It's not traditional you know.

      And for the information of you "experts", the tango began as a dance between men. Plus there are all the other dances in different cultures that are the sole preserve of men, such as Native American dances. Still I'll leave you both to write your letters of complaint to the BBC that its not traditional for the men to appear shirtless, the couples should be much further apart and the ladies should be in crinolines and definitely not showing their ankles.

  4. re above yes.. but the tango in that form is not ballroom, and yes tango between gauchos as an origin..but reinvented/popularised in the 10/20's by carlos gardel.. et al ... have you ever actually seen gauchos dance the tango..what you seem to fail to comprehend is that it wouldnt be ballroom.. but something else ..yes lots of other dance..all good mathew la la..just not you would make it how it would make people dance ballroom ...but no one woldl lead to be fair..would you knw how that works ? whilst they dance foxtrot..we do a lambda type of dance with our we're not being sexist .what i am saying is it would reinforce stereotypes of gay people in that format. to have them dance ballroom .unless you are saying it should be called "strictly dance of many cultures..with a few ballroom bits thrown in." and I didnt complain to the BBC and dont actaully give a fuck about the progamme ..but care much more about more about dance itself .....

  5. I don't suppose two men dancing together will kill off traditional ballroom dancing any more than two men marrying will kill off traditional marriage. Strictly is just a bit of fun. No need to take it seriously. A bit of scandal does great for the ratings.