Monday, 21 September 2015

Thought For The Day: David Sedaris

The battle for gay marriage was, in essence, the fight to be as square as straight people, to say things like “My husband tells me that the new Spicy Chipotle Burger they’ve got at Bennigan’s is awesome,” and “Here it is, Valentine’s Day less than a week behind us, and already my wife is flying our Easter flag!”

That said, I was all for the struggle, mainly because it so irritated the fundamentalists. I wanted gay people to get the right to marry, and then I wanted none of us to act on it. I wanted it to be ours to spit on. Instead, much to my disappointment, we seem to be all over it...

David Sedaris, A Modest Proposal, The New Yorker.

David and his partner of 24 years, Hugh Hamrick, are now 'engaged, I suppose'.

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