Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Ann Widdecombe: What Happened?

WHEN Paul Gambaccini issued his account of being falsely accused of child abuse, he noted several instances of the police or CPS releasing news about dropped inquiries or rebailing to coincide with more successful or more sensational news of Operation Yewtree.

I shuddered when I read that because if either the police or CPS should be adopting “a good day to bury bad news” mentality or “guilt by association” news management then another precious cornerstone of our justice system is crumbling.

Justice agencies in this country should be concerned with justice and nothing else.

News manipulation should never be attempted and statements about the course of an investigation should be determined by facts not convenience...

Yet I suspended judgment because I had the fairness to accept that it could all be coincidence, even if the regularity suggested otherwise.

Now it looks as if that fairness was misplaced as I cannot have been the only person to notice that the long overdue apology to Lady Brittan for the police’s failure to tell her dying husband that he was no longer under any investigation (and had not been for quite some time) coincided with the news that a bishop had been convicted of sex offences.

Is that what they were waiting for?...

Ann 'Not Anne' Widdecombe, Daily Express.

Sad that this has divided people on party lines, and many Labour Party supporters knee-jerk that this is all a Conservative Party conspiracy to cover up some secret Tory paedophile ring.

Whilst much of it is partly just an excuse to bash Labour via its new deputy leader, it is obvious that Tom Watson is a power-crazed delusional thug who has behaved appallingly.

PS And not forgetting... Zac Goldsmith urged to withdraw paedophile ring allegations: Ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor says Goldsmith should rethink mayoral bid unless he retracts claims of VIP abuse at Richmond guest house, The Guardian.

While The Telegraph's rottweiler, Dan Hodges, urges - hilariously - Put down your pitchforks and stop the Tom Watson witchunt. LOL!

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