Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chemsex: Exterminate! Exterminate!

So looking ahead, what’s the future for chemsex within our communities?

Easy. We’ll eradicate it. Quicker than it started. We’ll do it through kindness, tolerance, and dialogue. We’ll do it by reflecting on what it means to be an awesome, great gay man, and by being productive, fearless contributors to a robust gay community. How many gay men does it take to screw in this lightbulb? Every single damned one of us, together. I have faith. See ya later chemsex, you’re licked. 

The quite astonishing conclusion to an article in FS by David Stuart.

David runs the 'chemsex clinics' at 56 Dean Street.

Surely the first drugs worker/campaigner who wants to 'eradicate' drug use since Nancy 'Just say no' Reagan?

Here's a role play video where David advises a chemsexer he'd be happier if he went for nice romantic meals instead.

PS Thanks to How Upsetting.

David Stuart will be talking at this next month, The Rise Of Chemsex.

Joining Matthew [Todd] in an explosive discussion will be William Fairman and Max Gogarty directors of the new feature length documentary ‘CHEMSEX’; David Stuart, Substance Use Lead at 56 Dean Street and Pat Cash organiser of the popular ‘Let’s Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs’ events...

Forgive me, but don't all the panellists agree that 'Chemsex = sad/bad/mad/wrong'?

If so, I can't see the 'discussion' being that 'explosive'.

What's that phrase? 'A herd of independent minds...'


  1. Surely that's not Max "Gap Year" Gogarty of Guardian fame?

    1. OH MY GAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!