Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Do I Sound Gay?: (Yes)

Self-conscious about the way he speaks, David Thorpe has explored why some people in his community ‘sound gay’ and others don’t in a new documentary... 

“The film is a moment in my life where I don’t have confidence for a number of reasons,” Thorpe says. “Growing up, I was always told that what was wrong with me was that I was gay, so it’s not hard to understand that in a moment of vulnerability I might also feel insecure about my sexuality. And my voice is probably the biggest signifier of that.”

As for talking "normally”, Thorpe has given up the exercises now and has embraced his voice. As Dan Savage, the activist who founded the It Gets Better campaign, says in the film: “What’s wrong with sounding like you are who you are – a gay man?”

Gillian Orr, The Independent.

A good article about gay stuff in the Indy, and Dan Savage saying something Fagburn likes a lot - will wonders never cease?

Here are the UK screenings, at last, starting Friday.

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  1. Unless sounding like *that* involves having imbibed some ridiculing stereotype?

    Paul Brownsey