Monday, 26 October 2015

Football: Shaw Thing

But why did you have to clarify? And why is it headline news that two footballers are gay? Blah blah blah... Role models are important... To have two openly gay footballers in the Premier League would send a powerful message.... Blah blah blah...

Ruth Hunt, head honcho at Stonewall, Independent Voices.

If loads of people are tweeting that he's gay, what's wrong with him gently pointing out that he's not?

With a peace sign and a smiley face!

The article ends with a plug for Stonewall's 'campaign to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport'. 

'Over the last two years we’ve sent a pair of Rainbow Laces to every professional footballer in the country and encouraged them to lace up and tackle the problem once and for all.'

Take that homophobia in sport!

Ah well, at least she didn't say 'IT'S THE LAST TABOO!!!'

PS 'My only concern is that this doesn’t cause a bit of a witch-hunt. On social media, people are already starting to guess who they think it is. 

'I can’t help but feel this is testing the water to see what the media and public reaction is to this story, which may inform the players whether or not they think coming out is a good idea at this time.' 

Ed Connell, chair of GFSN [Gay Football Supporters Network], quoted in The Telegraph.


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