Monday, 19 October 2015

Local News: Four Lost Boys

Dan Whitworth's last tweet, a week before he died.

‘Unusual but not suspicious’ says Met detective about three Barking bodies, Barking And Dagenham Post, September 2014.

Double drug overdose killed Barking lovers found in church grounds, Barking And Dagenham Post, June 2015.

Appeal to find witness following unexplained death in Barking, Barking And Dagenham Post, October 2015.

Well this has depressed the fuck out of me...

Update: Met refers handling of deaths in multiple murder case to IPCC, Barking & Dagenham Post, tonight.

Jack, Dan and Anthony.


  1. I used to live a couple of streets away from where Jack Taylor apparently lived. That was when I used to spend a lot of time in Barking because it's close to where Dagenham and Barking meet. I couldn't get any sleep last night after reading various articles about the deaths.
    It seems amazing that the police didn't make a connection between the first three deaths. Especially after the second and third were found in the same churchyard. They're all virtually the same age, same cause of death and all found in the same area within a few months.
    Also, if the suicide note apparently left by Dan Whitworth wasn't genuine (and if Port is guilty then surely he would have written it), wouldn't they have compared the handwriting with samples of his own?

    The third death in that Barking and Dagenham Post article from September 2014 isn't even one of the alleged victims.

    1. Also, doesn't look like the local paper mentioned Anthony's death prior to Port being charged...

    2. Are they now saying that Anthony also died from a drug overdose? Because this 2014 article from a Hull newspaper says that test results on his body came back clear:

    3. Interesting, might be the police's retroactive assumption now - GHB disappears in the body and won't show up in toxicology reports.

      'GHB-related deaths' are usually assumed by testimony of a third party, presence of a bottle and so on.

    4. Ah, I didn't know that. I have no experience with GHB. How long would it take to incapacitate someone who'd overdosed on it? Would it be fairly quick?

      I read that they're claiming he took them back to his flat, but is it conceivable that he would give them the GHB at his flat, have sex and then walk the five minutes with them to the church area where they were found? If they went to the churchyard to have sex, which seems more likely, I can't imagine they would go to his flat beforehand (I understand the attraction of doing it outside but why leave the flat once you're there and horny?).
      That church area is about 5 minutes walk from Barking train station. I assume that's how they arrived. According to this cached, now deleted B&D Post article, Jack Taylor got a cab into Barking and met a man near the train station at around 2am, before walking towards the abbey where he was found.

    5. If you take too much, which it's famously easy to do, you could nod off/pass out within 10 minutes, I think...

    6. Thanks. Oops, I see you already linked to that article above. Sorry.

  2. Also, if the connection is Grindr, isn't the fact that three of the men who died aren't from the area odd in itself?
    Is it common for people who hook up on Grindr to travel those kinds of distances?

    If Port is guilty, then they were all found within a short walking distance of where he lives. I assume he doesn't drive. So is their theory that he gave them the drugs and then walked them to where they died or did he walk them there or meet them there and then give them the drugs?
    I'm probably being dense, but it's all very odd.

    1. That thought did cross my mind, but I don't know the area.

      The Sun brought Grindr into it, others said 'gaywebsites' but not sure they'd understand the nuances...

      I thought at first - despite what later reports claimed - they were diddling in the abbey grounds.

    2. I saw this on the main news last night. It seems they are accusing him of killing them at his place, which I assume means they suspect him of dumping the bodies later and he has a car or something; but if that's true I can't understand why he would dump the bodies on his doorstep and all so close together. On the other hand, if he is guilty then he's obviously mad and rationalising his actions is probably a little misguided.