Thursday, 29 October 2015

Gilbert & George: Against Nature

The messages appear deliberately provocative, but Gilbert and George suggest they are both honest and positive. Burn that Book, for instance, symbolises being liberated from the regimen of organised religion and schools, while Fuck the Planet is inspired by the writings of Prof James Lovelock, which Gilbert and George first read more than 20 years ago.

“We need to just leave nature alone,” says George. “Human beings should only be in the city because it makes them freer and more tolerant than the ones isolated on top of the mountain. Nature breeds intolerance and excessive love of nature always leads to totalitarianism. Love of soil is the worst.”

Gilbert nods, adding: “It’s the same as the love of God, who is just another dictator.” ...

Those lovable septuagenarian juvenile art school pranksters, Gilbert & George, are winding up Guardian readers again today.

Their new exhibition, The Banners, is at London's White Cube Gallery from Wednesday November 25th.

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