Saturday, 24 October 2015

James Dawson: Not Being A Boy

“I’d like to think in 2015 being trans is so mainstream now that it won’t be an issue, but sadly there will be people who will think it’s weird, and there is the worry that there will be a tabloid backlash around a ‘trans children’s writer’... Mainly I’m just excited.”

YA author, that nice James Dawson, comes out as transitioning on BuzzFeed.

Here's his coming out statement.

PS James Dawson comes out as transgender - and urges people not to demonise Germaine Greer - Dawson said it was 'a shame' and 'disheartening' that the 'icon of feminism' held that view, The Independent. 

Good to see James speaking out against the infantile 'Ban everyone we disgree with!' crusade.

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