Friday, 23 October 2015

LGSM: All Good Things Must Come To An End

The re-formed Lesbians and Gay Men Support the Miners (LGSM) decided on 9 October 2015 that we would wind down as a current campaigning force and focus on the task of keeping alive the legacy of our work in 1984-85 and putting together a digital historical archive of documents, photos, personal stories, videos, audio recordings and all other written material connected to the strike. A full archive of our work in 1984-85 and more recently will be made available to all on the LGSM website ( in the coming months.

We took this decision with enormous pride at the role we have played in inspiring a new layer of activists and supporters to remember the strike, to keep the flame burning and to embrace the spirit of solidarity embodied by LGSM’s work. We are certain that the many young (and old!) people that have been encouraged by our work will play a full part in LGBT, socialist and labour movement campaigns and in the wider struggle to create a better society.

LGSM members will carry on taking the fight to the Tories and the rich elite in any way we can in a range of campaigns, trade unions, parties and other movements.

However, we felt that it would be wrong for future campaigning work to be channelled through LGSM, for the following reasons...

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Their reasons for doing so are sound and noble.

That one of our most audible and visible radical gay voices was a revived goup that came together to fight something that happened 30 years ago seemed incongruous - and yet depressingly telling.

They note; 'We have no intention of becoming a LGBT version of the British Legion! To join Pride marches every year under a banner of a historical strike would soon start to look quite strange...'

Owen Jones choosing LGSM's Mike Jackson as his Hero of 2014 was completely surreal, and yet depressingly telling of OJ's grinning cluelessness when it comes to gay politics.

Wished they'd been more critical of that awful depoliticised film.

Though much of the lauding of the relaunched LGSM was clearly to do with that pink-tinted 'feel good' movie, and not the movement.

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