Monday, 5 October 2015

Margaret Thatcher: Everything She Wants

A must-read! 

But why in the name of Finchley is it named after a Wham! song? *

George Michael hated Thatch.

PS This is Radio 4's Book Of The Week - with Nicholas Farrell giving voice to Thatcher as a kind of high-class drag act - and where wonderfully incongruously Wham! is the intro and the outro music.

* 'I have called this book Everything She Wants - the title of a song by Wham! - because it expresses Mrs Thatcher's appetite for achievement and change and the degree to which she was the commanding personality of her era; but hard as she fought for everything she wanted, this was not always what she got. In the process, may of her loyal but exhausted staff often asked themselves, in the words of the same song; 'Somebody tell me, won't you tell me/Why I work so hard for you?' Introduction page xiii.

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