Friday, 9 October 2015

Peter Tatchell: Equality Ball 2015

Tickets for the Equality [sic] Ball are just £50 (+£2.50 booking fee) - no concessions, obvs.

Money raised goes to the Peter Tatchell Foundation (a limited company, not a charity).

Here are their latest (non-audited) accounts.

Declared income: £119,995.

Wages and salaries: £76,164 (number of employees unknown).

Rent and service charges: £12,896 (think this means Peter's flat, could be wrong).

There was a surplus of £13,649.

But remember, Saint Peter of MI6, lives a monkish life and eats but two lentils a day - or so he keeps reminding us.

So please attend - or give a donation - to help Peter carry on his wonderful and tiresome tireless campaigning work.

* ie Taking selfies of himself holding up rubbish placards and sending them out to an increasingly disinterested global media.

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