Monday, 19 October 2015

Peter Tatchell: Reaching Out To LGBT Muslims

Peter Tatchell is launching a new campaign to convince everyday Muslims to embrace LGBT rights, and improve links between the LGBT and Muslim communities.

The veteran human rights campaigner will hold a street stall outside Whitechapel tube station in East London this Wednesday, in a bid to reach out to the local Muslim community... 

Pink News.

Well done, Peter!

Hope no-one thinks this shows a patronising 'White Savior' mindset, and you think LGBT Muslims can't do this for themselves.

More details here.

This is a big 'yah boo sucks' to these silly people, eh?

"Clearly, Tatchell, whom I strongly defended against homophobia when he was selected as the Labour candidate in Bermondsey, has lost his political bearings and constructed a fantasy world in which the main threat we face, worse than the far right, is Islamic fundamentalist hordes."  

Former comrade Ken Livingstone, Tatchell's Islamic Conspiracy, Labour Left Briefing 2005.

Peter Tatchell, The anti-Muslim campaigner, Stelios Ioannou, IndyMedia 2007.

Peter Tatchell not only encourages Islamophobia – he defends the right of homophobes to incite hatred against the LGBT community, Bob Pitt, Islamophobia Watch 2011.

On Hate: A response to Peter Tatchell, Aviva Stahl, The Multicultural Politic 2013.

NB Please read the rebuttals and defences of Tatchell in the replies, and his own writings about Islam and Islamophobia on his website.

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