Thursday, 22 October 2015

Pink News Awards: David Cameron - Straight Ally!

A touching pre-recorded video message from the Tory pig fucker.

Yes, he mentions the fantastic gaymarriage!

He also says Pink News has 'an audience of 10 million people'!

A claim made by founder and former 'dot com millionaire' Ben Cohen on Radio 4's The Media Show yesterday.

(Though bizarrely the video link above that PN links to has yet to reach 100 views).

Ben says he started Pink News in 2005 because; 'I thought that the LGBT media needed something serious, up until that point all of the gay media was really quite seedy, it had adult content, and adult advertising... Pink News has never has had any adult content, anything which wouldn't be mainstream. And that's the reason why today, although we have aound 10 million readers around the world, over 20% of them are straight, they're straight allies...'

As Fagburn believes the younglings say on social media these days; I can't even...

PS You may enjoy this piece by GAY ALLY How Upsetting; Brave Man: Rejecting 'Allyship'.


  1. "Pink News has never had any adult content..."

    That's because they don't hire any adults to write it!

    1. I keep reading Pink News and thinking it must be Bring Your Kid To Work day...

  2. You can't even transcribe an interview seemingly. Go back to school, if you ever finished it. 35% of our readers are straight according to Facebook Custom Audiences. Unsurprisingly our most popular stories are not about us, or about David Cameron but on viral issues. Last month's numbers are available to advertisers via Google Analytics.

    1. Benny dear you should have put a comma between 'interview' and 'seemingly', go back to school!