Friday, 16 October 2015

Putin: Is Lovely - Official

Elton John’s husband David Furnish has called Vladimir Putin “genuinely lovely” and has confirmed the star will meet the Russian leader.

Putin, 63 – who has invaded [sic] Crimea, backed civil war in Ukraine and sent his forces to help Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad – phoned Sir Elton last month to arrange the meeting to discuss gay rights.

The call came a week after the singer was duped by two Moscow comedians pretending to be the president.

During the talk Putin apparently asked Elton not to be offended by the prank which was broadcast on Russian TV.

Yesterday film producer Furnish, 52, said: “Putin is lovely. He and Elton spoke on the phone and the Kremlin have confirmed that.

“Now they’re trying to get a date in the diary to talk face to face.”

Speaking at the Attitude awards in London on Wednesday night, he added: “That may surprise people but I take people as I find them and he was so polite and lovely on the phone.

“He’s genuinely lovely. Besides, this isn’t about politics – I’m not a politician – it’s about humanity.” ...


Told you.

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  1. Oh FFS! Why do celebrities open their stupid mouths? Putin might not be as black as he's painted in the West, but he's far from lovely. Try telling that to the relatives of those who died on flight MH17, Llitvinenko's widow, Pussyriot and countless others Furnish you moron.