Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Stephen Port: Background Check

He is believed to have met his victims on dating app Grindr, reports The Sun, a site which boasts it is a place to meet 'curious guys'.

In his spare time he worked as a £100-a-hour gay prostitute, according to an advert on an online escort site.

An American client described Port as ‘a dream come true’ who has a ‘nicely muscled body’ and ‘strawberry blond hair that is very thick’.

He said Port was ‘the ideal companion’ who was ‘bright, interesting, loving’ and was someone who ‘enjoys laughing’.

On his Facebook page Port claims to have been an Oxford University graduate, a former seaman in the Royal Navy and a special needs teacher.

But yesterday his parents said he had worked as a chef in cafes for the past 13 years.

Speaking from the front room of their small semi in Dagenham, East London, Joan and Albert Port said they only discovered their son had been arrested on Sunday night when he called from a police station asking them to take him £40, some books and a magnifying glass so he could read them.

Mrs Port, 74, said: ‘I was shocked. I am still shaking. I don’t think he has done it. He will have got involved and taken the blame for other people.

‘He was like that at school – he didn’t speak up. They thought he was deaf because he didn’t speak up.’

Her 73-year-old husband, a retired council worker, added: ‘We know something has happened but we don’t really know what happened.

‘We still like him – don’t get me wrong. He is too quiet. He has been led astray. He won’t speak up, he won’t argue.

‘He had a girlfriend about two years ago – but it was a case of she liked him more than he liked her.’ ...

Daily Mail.

And he wore a wig!

Note how the Mail have used the word 'topless', not their default clickbait term 'shirtless'.

There were more stunning revelations the Mail got from doorstepping his parents and some neighbours yesterday.

Speaking from the front room of their small terraced house, asked what her son was like Mrs Port said: 'He is a quiet boy, tall, 6ft 3in, size 14 shoes. He doesn't say a lot. He had different boyfriends - he is gay.'

Mr Port added: 'Don't me get wrong - I'm against it. We thought he would be alright now - he has just started a new job.

'He goes round different shops stocktaking - the pound shop and car show rooms. He was a chef for 13 years at the bus garage in West Ham.'

Mrs Port said her son had lived in his current flat for nine years - which he kept tidy - and they regularly went to visit him.

They said he is in regular touch with his sister Sharon, 43, who lives in Clacton and were aware of an older man who stayed in his flat but insisted they were not in a relationship.

Mr Port said: 'He lived on his own. He's got this older chap who has known for donkey's and he has got to have somewhere to live as well. He pays the bills.' ...

PS His Facebook page is still up.

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  1. You really have to wonder whether the police checked if the victims were gay and whether they clicked that they might have been using apps to meet.

    Assume grindr (if that's the one that led to the meets) keeps an archive of messages ... and checking that or any of the others would have shown 1. where they were an hour or two before death 2. what time they were in that location 3. who they were meeting 4. some idea of where the meet was happening 5. whether anyone else was planned to be there 6. the face of the person they were meeting 7. his height 8. his weight 9. what he liked to get up to 10. an approximate of his age 11.an overestimate of his dick size 12. whether chems were to be used ... I guess these things *might* be mildly helpful to someone investigating a suspicious death, or am I just too out of touch with the ways of modern policing?