Monday, 19 October 2015

The Gay GHB Killer: Alleged

Helpful suggested headline from the Press Association.
Guardian court sketch.

 A man has appeared in court charged with poisoning and murdering four young men.

Stephen Port, 40, is accused of killing the men, who he allegedly contacted online via gay websites, between June 2014 and September this year.

Prosecutors told Barkingside magistrates he gave the men large amounts of the drug GHB.

Mr Port, of Cooke Street, Barking, east London, was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey on Wednesday...

BBC News. 

As I mused earlier, surely it can't be long before some hack calls him THE CHEMSEX KILLER! 

And if they can work Grindr in there it's manufactured modern media moral panic gay GOLD!

Update: Mail Online goes into overdrive with longest headline known to man...

Update2: At last, on The Sun online it's Grindr time!

Now the race is on to the first 'How safe are you on Grindr??' article...


  1. Richard, if this guy did kill folk with GHB, then he did do it. !..No matter how much you go on about it on here.. and i'm not sure we all know how you feel about it.. sometimes this can happen.. examining drug taking by gay men, is not a personal attack on you ..and i am a fan of your writing

    1. Sorry, I'm not sure what you're saying.

      I know people can overdose on GHB, if that's it.

  2. Hear no evil, see no evil, overdose on no evil.

  3. Too true. They also skirted around the fact that the Orton/Halliwell deaths were a symptom of the gay D.I.Y. lifestyle phenomenon. You know, you can still buy a hammer in any B&Q?