Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Thought For The Day: Paul O'Grady

'[Jeremy Corbyn] came along when the Labour party was in the doldrums and were a wishy-washy lot. I’m not interested in them. This man comes along and says, no, we need social housing, we have to be a more caring society. Thank God somebody has come along and said it. It doesn’t matter if he can’t win. How do we know he can’t win? Just because he’s not in a Savile Row suit with the slick haircut!'

The Guardian.

On people who vote Conservative; 'They’re absolutely blinded. They listen to this guff from Osborne – dreadful man. And Cameron – ugh! I loathe them,” he hisses. “They have no idea how normal people live, and how they try to manage. They see us all as Jeremy Kyle.'

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