Monday, 30 November 2015

Gilbert & George: What The Papers Say

The artists insist they are “not against anything” – even religion or political correctness. “It’s just, how can we form ourselves to hurt less?” George asks. “How can you stop someone being arrested today in Nairobi for having a different sexual orientation and never coming out of that bloody lockup? How can we stop that?”

Political correctness historically served an important role, particularly in elevating the rights of gay people. The liberal press, Gilbert says, used to be “closet homophobes”. “The LIBERAL press,” George repeats, for added emphasis. “I remember they used the term ‘filthy queers’ which they’re not allowed to use, right? But by saying: ‘Gilbert & George must be very unhappy having been called ‘filthy queers’ for all these years.’”

“The Times?” Gilbert asks.

“No, that was the Guardian. The rightwing press would never do that. They’re too polite. They may be unpleasant but they’re polite.”

The Guardian seem to have given them nothing but blanket and ovating coverage these past few years, I note.

“That’s recent,” George says.

“And quite interesting because we always buy the Telegraph,” Gilbert adds.

“Always,” George echoes...

From that rare beast, a rather boring interview with the terrible twins, Guardian online.

PS Here's the Guardian's five star review of their new exhibition, Banners, Art as undeniable as a punch in the face. And the Telegraph's one star review, Probably their worst show yet.

Vice: Chemsex Week

'All week, VICE will be going beyond the sensationalist headlines...'

I'm sure you will.

If there's one thing Vice is known for it's your hatred of sensationalism.

Though apparently it's now an 'epidemic'.

And so begins another frantic chemsex binge that could last for several days...

There's no stopping these guys, they're ADDICTED!


Photography: Send In The Clones

Corrugated hoses emitting smoke at Les Mouches 'Send in the Clones' party, New York City, June 1978.

From a photo gallery on Mail Online, taken from Meryl Meisler's Purgatory & Paradise SASSY '70s Suburbia & The City.

Reader Bob Moaner [sic] comments succinctly; 'Some sick individuals'.

Mark Twain: One Hundred And Eighty!

Happy birthday, Mark, you old ped. x

'Statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing falsities, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.'

Chronicle of Young Satan.

PS How could you not realise Mark Twain was gay? Larry Kramer.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Peter Tatchell: You Gotta Have Friends

Congrats to Peter Tatchell on his in--no-way self-congratulatory Peter Tatchell Is Great! fundraiser last night.

Here he is shaking hands with James Wharton, a leading gay Tory, but they're seemingly the only people these days who don't think he's a complete mentalist and a self-publicising joke.

PS Interested to know where the funds raised will be going? Here's the Peter Tatchell Foundation's accounts.

PPS Oops! Seems that Saint Peter has some loopy racist friends.

Russian Maxim: Respect

In an article headlined “Gays We Respect,” the Russian edition of men’s magazine Maxim has “forgiven” a list of famous actors, authors and musicians for their sexual orientation.

“We, men, do not consider men who love men to be men. This is the rule,” the introduction to the post reads. “But there are exceptions. There are gays who have earned our respect and the right to remain real men in our eyes.”

These “exceptions” include actors Ian McKellen and Neil Patrick Harris, who the magazine has “forgiven” for their sexual orientation due to their onscreen roles.

“We weren’t sure about including Neil Patrick Harris in the list — after all, he declared himself a ‘happy gay’ in 2006. But his performance as Barney Stinson in the series How I Met Your Mother hasn’t left us indifferent,” the article reads. “It’s impossible not to respect someone who elevated the hunt for girls into a true art, who systematized all the tricks and techniques and created the ‘Bro Code.’ Even if he was just acting the role. But how he acted!”

As the lead singer of Queen, Freddie Mercury “brought us so much joy, we are ready to forgive him anything,” the magazine continues.

Rob Halford of Judas Priest is evidence that “if you’re cool enough, it doesn’t matter what your orientation is.” British comedian Stephen Fry is presented as “the living embodiment of the idea that one can be openly gay and a sensible person at the same time.” ...

An editor at Maxim’s Russian edition told BuzzFeed News Nov. 26 “our position is clearly formulated in the introduction to the article.” Alexander Malenkov, the editor-in-chief of the Russian edition of Maxim, told the Russian News Service Nov. 30, “This is a joke article. It says so in it.” ...

BuzzFeed LGBT.

The piece does seem to be a piss-take - and presumably meant to mock Russian homophobia and machismo - but satire is always lost on simpletons.

Though, admittedly it might have lost something in the (Google) translation.

Still... Russia BOO!

Update: Not seen one gay media account of this that didn't regurgitate it as clearly another example of TEH EVIL RUSSIAN HOMOPHOBIA!!!

But where would be without the Pavlovian LGBT media seeing homophobia where there is none?

Hey! Remember when Putin called Elton John and that was absolutely 100% straight-up true?

Something For The Ladies: Construction Time Again

More than a third of women aged 19 to 79 agreed that men in hard hats got them hot under the collar.

Gardeners took second spot after turning the heads of 23% of the women polled.

A further 15% went for carpenters and joiners, placing them third, while electricians and plumbers shared fourth spot on 14%.

Women were also asked for their ultimate male outside of the trade world – and most plumped for a fireman.

A spokesman for the construction union UCATT said: “Heartening as it is for builders to top a poll for being the sexiest tradesmen in the UK, all those in the know – the wives and girlfriends of Britain’s builders
[None have boyfriends, obvs] – have long appreciated the strong and steady hands of the men who build this country.”

The latest survey, for building equipment suppliers Actavo Direct, backs up an earlier study which put construction workers ahead of teachers, bankers and architects in the attractiveness stakes...
Daily Star. 

Tyson Fury: Intellectual Heavyweight

‘We live in an evil world. The devil is very strong at the minute, very strong, and I believe the end is near. The bible tells me the end is near. The world tells me the end is near. Just a short few years, I reckon, away from being finished.

‘Abusing the planet, the wars in the Middle East, the famines, the earthquakes, the natural disasters, all these things are talked about 2000 years ago before they even happened. Prophesised. So now it’s all coming true…’

‘There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home: one of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other one’s paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalised?

‘When I say paedophiles can be made legal, that sounds like crazy talk doesn’t it? But back in the 50s and early 60s, for them first two to be made legal would have been looked on as a crazy man again. If I would have told you 120 years ago, that a 1000-tonne aeroplane is going to float through the sky, a piece of steel — ludicrous.

‘When Christopher Columbus said the world was round, he’s an idiot. All these things that happen in the world, wise men already know they’re going to happen and they see what they really are.

‘Foolish people follow the system, get caught up in media news, what the government wants you to believe and all the higher powers want you to believe and go down the same path as all the sheep in the cattle market...

‘This is a funny world we live in and an evil world. People can say, “Oh, you are against abortions, you are against paedophilia, you are against homosexuality, you’re against whatever”, but my faith and my culture is all based on the bible. The bible was written a long time ago, from the beginning of time until now, and if I follow that and it tells me it’s wrong, then it’s wrong for me. That’s just my opinion.

‘How many people have different opinions in this world? Every different person has a different opinion of what that bottle really is or what colour it is. If I say that bottle is clear, there will be someone out there telling me that bottle is green or blue.

‘My opinion is that I follow what the Lord says. Or I try to. Others are following what they want to do, basically. They are living for their self. I am living for God.

‘When you see a man who is filled up with God, you think he’s round the bend. When a man’s highly spirited for the Lord, you think, “This guy’s lost his marbles, he’s a nutcase”. If ever you want to get rid of somebody you don’t want to talk to, just mention God. They’re out of there.’

Tyson Fury, the new Heavyweight Champion Of The World, speaking to The Mail On Sunday earlier this month.

Heaven forfend anyone might 'think he's round the bend'!

NB Mr Fury's job involves being repeatedly hit round the head rather a lot.

Update: Vote for Tyson as yer BBC Sports Personality Of The Year 2015!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Adam Lambert: Filthy Gay

Fagburn's not normally in favour of online petitions and banning things, but I'm right behind this one.

Tweet Of The Week: Sins Of The Fleshjack

Please read the earlier tweets by Patty - a Christian mom doting over her 19 year-old son, CJ, and his (now former) sleepover buddy - and the replies to this one.

Amazingly this was one obvious online joke/hoax the gay media don't seem to have fallen for - a first?

Victim Of The Week: Look At This Arse!

Conversations about street harassment and consent often focus exclusively on the experiences of women – and most of its victims do identify that way – but it’s also a broader issue. Many gay men silently cope with harassment and consent within male-dominated social spaces designated for LGBT people, spaces most heterosexual people never enter. Spaces created for people like me.

The most toxic forms of masculinity pervade gayborhood mainstays such as nightclubs, bars and even the occasional cruise down the sidewalk. Yet these uncomfortable, if not traumatizing, experiences get swept under the rug – or worse, internalized as something that “just happens” and shouldn’t be taken seriously... 

Guardian online.

Derrick Clifton's story is so harrowing I must give a TRIGGER WARNING, so brace yourself, here goes...

A few summers ago, I walked home as I normally would from a gym in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, which has a high concentration of LGBT residents and business owners. With headphones in, I enjoyed a breezy afternoon stroll down Broadway Street, the wind drying my sweaty brow, soaked shirt and gym shorts. Approaching the last few blocks of my journey home, I heard loud jeers and laughs from three men walking behind me.

“Man, look at that ass,” one man said to the others, as if I wasn’t present and listening to his remarks. “Wonder if he’ll let me get a bite of that.” ...

Yup, that's right, poor Derrick was walking through a 'gayborhood' (sic) and someone said he had a nice bum - basically.

This, I am sure you'll agree, is a clear demonstration of 'how the misogyny and patriarchy imbued in rape culture targets gay and gender non-conforming men'.

Yes, he actually uses 'rape culture' here!

He must have felt like Jodie Foster in The Accused and Panic Room both at the same time! ('So I quickly shuffled to my buzzer gate, slammed it behind me, and unlocked my building’s double doors in haste, rushing inside for a buffer between myself and the men on the outside.').

One is reminded of the stellar work done by Patrick Strudwick in exposing this GAY RAPE CULTURE; Smugtwit - Britain's bent bedwetter in chief - once argued persuasively that a man touching your bum in a gay club is 'sexual assault'.

So remember to take a consent form next time you're going out dancing.

James Dawson in Attitude recently asked; How Common Is Rape On The Gay Scene?

This is then rephrased as; 'Have you ever had sex - or been coerced into sex - that you didn't really want?'


If we can have 'micro-aggressions', I guess these must be 'micro-rapes'.

Guardian Cif seems to love these 'woe is me' exercises in victimhood; Fagburn particularly enjoyed Zach Stafford's Do my short-shorts make you feel weird about your masculinity? Good, I'm glad.

Fight the power, Zachary!

In September the Guardian published something of a classic of the genre, Why I was sweat-shamed as I waited for my coffee at Starbucks by Amy Roe.  

Yes, she actually says 'SWEAT-shamed'!

It was so widely ridiculed you'd think The Guardian might now be wary of running these 'boo hoo squish squish' articles where silly middle class people imagine they're being oppressed.  

Or am I just crap-shaming??? 

Thursday, 26 November 2015

David Cameron: White Saviour Complex

From the ever fawning LGBTory fanzine that is Gay Star News.

And a big shout-out to the greatest self-appointed White Saviour of them all!

PS Apparently leading sorcerer, Pope Francis, could wave his holy papal magic wand and solve all this, too!


Student Watch: Suspended After...

The student president of an English university has been suspended from his position after organising a protest against David Cameron’s record on equality.

Adil Waraich, the elected student leader at De Montfort University in Leicester, started a campaign with other students over an award given to the prime minister by his university.

But soon afterwards a letter was handed to him by the union’s trustees that told him he was suspended and banned from entering the campus...

In August this year, David Cameron was awarded a “Companionship” from the university, its highest honour. Controversially for some students, the award was given to him for overseeing the passage of the Same Sex Marriage Act in 2013.

The ceremony, held in August 2015, was a top-secret occasion, with students taken to London for the event.

“Before my arrival the only information I had was that an honorary graduation ceremony was to take place in 10 Downing Street,” said Grace Elliot, a second-year sociology student at De Montfort, who attended as the women’s officer of the LGBT+ society.

“When we found out who was to receive the award and why I was shocked to say the least.”

While she acknowledges Cameron played “some role” in passing same-sex marriage legislation, Elliott argued that it was “hardly significant”.

“David Cameron did not protest, petition, or campaign – he merely advocated a basic right. In my opinion, that doesn’t deserve an award.”

Waraich said the university took students who weren’t told why they were going to London for the ceremony, “which meant many felt extremely uncomfortable”.

“These students wanted answers,” he said, “so they organised a meeting with the university to try and explain their concerns; they wanted an apology, and commitments to not do this again. But the university fobbed them off, so it was time for me to step in.”

He started a petition that called on De Montfort to repeal the award, and posted a video online...


Oh hang on, what's this bit...

He was told the suspension was not just over the protest, but also previous concerns raised by the university about his attendance at senior management meetings and two prank videos uploaded privately online.

Note no-one else who protested about Cameron's award was suspended.

Horse: Shit

Hello idiots!

This is from a satirical site.

Please do not comment on it, or any supposed rebuttal, without making this clear.

Thank you.

Graham Norton: Show

SINGLE star Graham Norton is searching for love on Tinder.

The Irish chat show host, 52, turned to the dating app after splitting from music marketing consultant Andrew Smith in the summer.

Graham at first vowed to live alone for the rest of his life because he has become more fussy with age.

But the BBC presenter’s dating profile — complete with name and age under a shot of his tanned, grey-bearded face — has been popping up repeatedly.

Other snaps show him in full motorbike gear on a chopper, and drinking on holiday.

One picture used a gay pride flag filter...

App users check the photos and decide if they want to try to “match” by swiping left or right.

The funnyman had dated Andrew for five months. In 2013 he split with fashion consultant Trevor Patterson, 32, after two years together — with Trevor claiming Graham was downing up to four bottles of wine a night...

Last night Graham’s spokeswoman declined to comment. Other Tinder stars include singers Katy Perry, 31, Britney Spears, 33, and Lily Allen, 30, and Corrie actor Shayne Ward, 31.


Clearly there's nothing going on in the world right now.

Andrew McMillan: Physique Pictorial

The poet Andrew McMillan has won the 2015 Guardian first book award with his elegantly poised and intimate collection of poems, Physical.

McMillan is the first poet to win the £10,000 prize since it began in 1999, replacing the Guardian fiction prize with an award open to debuts of any genre...

Set in the wastes of a northern industrial town, a “town that has lost something … that sunk from its centre / like a man winded by a punch”, Protest of the Physical circles around many of the concerns that animate the rest of the collection – the sudden closeness of an encounter with “your hoodie / halfway up your body / and my cock half out in your hand”, the deep engagement with the work of the poet Thom Gunn, the stark realisation “the fear is to die untouched love lost” – arriving at the conclusion that “there is beauty in the ordinary / the row of shops on Shambles Street / the day chasing its own shadow”...

The Guardian.

Have to confess, if it wasn't for these awards the wonderful words of AM might have escaped my attention - so these things can have a point.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Chemsex: Don't (Moral) Panic

A surprising amount of media coverage has been dedicated to a niche sexual phenomenon known as “chemsex” in recent weeks. First identified by sexual health services around 2011, chemsex refers to gay male group sex parties fuelled by a mix of the recreational drugs GHB, mephadrone and crystal meth. It has been claimed that these parties, which can last longer than a day, have been linked to the spread of HIV infections and could lead to a public health crisis.

As part of our research into the phenomenon, my colleague Alison Winch and I have begun analysing the media coverage of chemsex - which includes a Radio 4 documentary, a Vice film called Chemsex, two plays, and multiple articles in newspapers and magazines.

Some common themes have emerged: that chemsex is on the rise among gay men; that most, if not all, gay men’s engagement with chemsex is a form of self-harm rooted in internalised homophobia; that chemsex leads to physical as well as mental health issues - and sometimes death; and, most critically, that the practice is linked to a recent increase in HIV transmission in the UK. Like all media debates that verge on moral panic, this view of chemsex is partial, distorted and, on occasion, hysterical.

The way chemsex has been portrayed not only draws on a familiar repertoire of homophobic, but also on some pretty flimsy science. From all the data that has so far been collected on, it is possible to say that chemsex is a growing phenomenon – but it only partially resembles its media coverage.

There is little evidence to suggest that it is on the rise amongst Britain’s gay community as a whole. According to the The Chemsex Study, the most comprehensive study on chemsex in Britain to date, the practice is becoming popular in London; even more specifically, in the boroughs of Lambeth, Southwark, Lewisham – Vauxhall, and its surrounding areas. What can be most reasonably deduced is that similar numbers of men who used to take cocaine, ecstasy and other party drugs on Vauxhall’s dance floors in the 2000s are now taking different drugs, in more sexualised ways, in private accommodation and gay saunas. This is a subtle but important difference. 

The question to ask about chemsex is not why more gay men are engaging it, but why a particular cohort of gay men stopped taking certain party drugs on the dancefloors of Vauxhall and started taking others in different settings?

My research suggests a variety of partial explanations: the gentrification of Vauxhall and its gay scene; the unsustainably high cost of living in London; cuts to local community services; and the issues migrants face when they move into these sorts of conditions. Chemsex can be seen as a particularly intense way for groups of people to form intimate collective bonds at a time when the government’s social and economic policies attempt to make this very thing impossible.

This is not the account given in the media. The most common explanation of chemsex is that gay men have internalised homophobia in ways that cause them to experiment with drugs and sex. There is some evidence to suggest this is the case for some men. And if it is, who is to say that it is necessarily always self-destructive? Like all human behaviours, it can be - and clearly it is for some people.

A major reason for the media coverage of chemsex as destructive is that most of the first-hand accounts of the experience come from people who present it as a problem at sexual health clinics. The media then select the most horrifying of these. The fact that men (or anyone else) might have sex on drugs simply because, as academic Kane Race puts it, “it feels nice” is a perspective that is under-researched and under-represented.

As for the connection between chemsex and HIV transmission, there is little academic consensus on this: half the studies state that there might be a link between drugs and sexual risk taking, but the other half say there is not. Where HIV transmission might be connected to chemsex, it is difficult to establish whether the drugs had any influence or whether those men would have engaged in unprotected sex anyway...

An excellent piece for Independent Voices by Jamie Hakim, senior lecturer in media studies at the University of East Anglia.

He's a former deputy editor of Attitude, interestingly, currently the gay media outlet most vigorously pushing the PANIC button.

PS For the record, I think this is the second non-hysterical piece about chemsex in the UK media in the last two months, compared to coming up to twenty hysterics.

Anyway, hurrah for pink yellow journalism!

Syria: Sodomy In Action

The Advocate.
As with Iran a decade ago, and Russia a year ago, you can now tell when the right is getting ready for war, as they suddenly highlight homophobia in a designated country.

Altogether now; 'They throw gay men off buildings!' 

Update: David Cameron's call to arms in the Commons on Thursday...

“In the Middle East, they are seeking to establish their vision of a caliphate across Iraq and Syria, forcing people in those areas to yield to their rule or face torture or death. They have beheaded aid workers, organised systematic rape, enslaved Yazidi women and thrown gay people off buildings. All these atrocities belong to the dark ages.”

Andrew Percy, Conservative MP for Brigg & Goole writing in the Telegraph.

Google 'Syria gay/s buildings' for endless examples of this 'Bombing for gay rights' mantra.

Gay Star News: Pornography As Propaganda?
Only carpet bombing can stop this!

Pink News: Ch-Ch-Changes

Funny, originally Pink News had a somewhat different take on this story...

'Accused of being gay,' eh...

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Michael Lucas: Is Disgusting - Official!

A gay porn star is being sued by the owner of a mansion that he rented for allegedly 'leaving enemas, sex toys and bodily fluids all over the property' after he made a hardcore movie.

Michael Lucas' film crew is being sued by the owner of the Acacia Mansion located in Ojai, California who allege he rented the property under false pretenses and pretended it was for a summer vacation.

The owner, Kristina Knapic, 45, alleges that Lucas rented the property under a fake name that looked like 'Anna' and showed up to take the keys by saying he was her brother in law.

And she alleges Lucas stayed there for five days and left 'Urine, semen and fecal matter on the linens, carpets, upholstery, walls, ceilings and in the hot tub.'

'Enema kits were found throughout the house- on the floors, in the beds, in nightstand drawers and in the trash,' the lawsuit claims.

It also stated 'Various sexual devices were found in the beds and in the trash...The hot tub water was brownish in color,' The Smoking Gun reported...

Mail Online.

Fagburn is all in favour of this far-right gay turd being sent to the chair for this.

Update: Warning graphic content!

Stock Photo Watch: Off With Their Heads (Again)

Independent On Sunday.

Though a crotch shot, with no face pic, is pretty, pretty gay...

Monday, 23 November 2015

Fagburn Awards: The Worst Article Published In The Gay Media Of 2015

Sorry, Fagburn normally waits until December to announce any awards, but as of today this category is surely now closed.

Well done Samuel Chiron for this classic piece of pointless whiney winky wanky worthy middle-class gult-tripping 'right-on' crapola, and congrats to Huff Post Gay Voices who find space for endless smug crap like this.

Nore more boring!

None more clueless!

None more self-righteous!

None more delusional self-styled SJW!

I haven't laughed so much since I read And The Winners Of The 2015 Queerties Awards Are..

Tory Sex Scandal: Who's Who?

The latest revelations in this morning’s Telegraph allege that a 22 year-old activist woke up in a Tory MP’s bed with no memory of the night before. One MP is threatening an injunction, and at least three others have been accused of inappropriately having sexual relations with young volunteers on Mark Clarke’s infamous RoadTrip campaigns. 

This is Guido’s handy flowchart of who has been bonking whom. It is by no means complete. If you woke up naked next to a Tory MP – or indeed are a Tory MP who woke up naked next to Mark Clarke – and can’t remember the night before, call Guido’s helpline on 0709 284 0531…

Guido Fawkes.

What larks!

Someone's said this could be like an advent calender, so I won't bore you with that one again.

PS With hindsight this early Telegraph profile of MC, Forget Tory Boy Conservatives Are Now Cool, is 'totes hilair'.

It also contains this gem; "When I told my mum I was joining the Conservatives 10 years ago, she said, 'Oh God, it would have been easier if you'd told me you were gay.' But that's not the case any more."

PPS Not much on Elliott Johnson's still live Twitter account to suggest he was gay, bar a light silly (gay-mocking?) joke last xmas...

Warwick Rowers 2015: Those Unsexy Posh Twats Have Got Another Calendar Out!

None more posh!*

Still missing wanking over your fave prefect at boarding school?

This one's for you, poshboy!

And a snip at £14.99 (an unspecified amount of money goes to something we invented called Sport Allies)!

By Christ and Tolstoy, this country needs a revolution.

The hills are alive with hooray henrys braying.
* Apart from the interns at Attitude, obvs.

Chemsex: New Deadly Gay Sex & Drugs Plague Spreads To Rural Glos

TWO SEMI-RETIRED gay men who run a village post office are enjoying massive orgies on crystal meth, it has been claimed.

77-year-old Norman Steele and his partner Roy Hobbs have been running a post office and convenience store in Gloucestershire for over a decade, while possibly spending their weekends writhing in a pool of drug sweat with up to thirty naked homosexuals.

Villager Stephen Malley, who recently read about ‘chemsex’ in the Telegraph, said: “I never thought about Roy and Norman as depraved hedonists on a self-destructive spiral of meth and GHB-fuelled unsafe group sex.

“But last Monday Norman said he was ‘tired’, which suggests that he spent the weekend doing heroin in the shop’s store room which is actually a sex dungeon.

“Also last week they ran out of brown envelopes, probably because they’d been soaking them in liquid ecstasy then sticking them up their arses.

“And they sell scratchcards, which are a sort of drug when you think about it.”

Local housewife Susan Traherne agreed: “They look really old but they’re probably only about 36. It’s the drugs.”

Thanks to Nick. x

Brighton College: Good Head

According to a 2014 YouGov survey, almost nine out of 10 secondary school teachers in Britain say pupils at their school have been bullied or harassed for being suspected of being gay, lesbian or bisexual. Yet eight in 10 have received no training whatsoever on how to tackle this issue. And more than half admit that they don’t routinely intervene when they hear homophobic language.

That is why I will welcome head teachers from across the country to Brighton College tomorrow, to discuss the best way forward in fighting homophobia in our schools so that each and every child feels safe and valued regardless of his or her gender, faith, colour or sexuality.

Joining us will be the Secretary of State for Education, Nicky Morgan, gay rights activist and Labour peer, Lord Cashman, and prominent Times columnist, Matthew Parris.

Brighton College has a long history of tolerance and respect for difference. A few years ago, pupil Will Emery became the first openly gay pupil to be elected Head Boy of a major public school. Over a century before that, former pupil, Edward Carpenter, who later helped found the Labour Party and the Fabian Society, became one of the first gay rights activists. Not an easy cause in Victorian England...

Richard Cairns, Headmaster of Brighton College, writing in the Telegraph.

Brighton College is round the corner from Fagburn's old flat, so I could swing by.

Mr Cairns forgets his school's most heroic moment in modern gay history; in 2009 he offered Tom Daley a free place after his dad took him out of his Plymouth school because he was being bullied so badly.


A bus dedicated to Edward Carpenter, Hove's most famous gay anarchist-socialist.
PS For the record, Edward Carpenter seemed to hate his old school.

In turn, the 1886 College Register listed EC as a 'Farmer and fruit-grower'.

Matthew Parris: Under My Umbrella

Oh, don't ask, just don't ask...

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Chemsex: The Horror Story

Still working on a response to Paul Flynn's Observer feature, the latest instalment in the media's moral panic du jour.

But it's hard to get past that headline for one thing.

I know journalists rarely write their own, but really; 'addicted'?!!

A media scare word - crazed, out of control, they can't stop themselves - it is meaningless here.


Great set up, I wonder what we can expect?

A balanced dispassionate piece?

Then there's what appears to be a visual homage to a series of arrest mugshots - guilty men?


More later, check my Twitter 4 teh LOLZ! 

Oooh that looks really scary!!!

Update: Oh, I dunno... Paul's one of the best gay journalists around, but I think he's misunderstood that many people have criticisms not so much of the documentary, Chemsex, but of the media's current hysterical obsession with this subject.

Just once I'd like to read an article about chemsex that didn't buy into that whole 'all gay men are just victims and our pleasures can only be signs of pathology and the wages of sin are death and the chemsex scene is secretly some weird suicide cult coz internalised homophobia' gay mis lit narrative.

Maybe Chemsex: A Horror Story would have been a more honest title for the film?

It does after all come from Tom Abell, the film's distributor, and thus Chemsex's main pusher.

David Stuart, we learn, 'provides Chemsex's voice of reason' [don't laugh], but why is he here as always treated like some charismatic cult leader, the eternally unchallenged leader of London's anti-chemsex cabal, and the beloved guru of the many journalists who are addicted to writing about it?

Fittingly, David, the Mother Teresa of Soho, takes centre-stage in the 'icons of Chemsex' photomontage ilustrating the piece.

Paul Flynn concludes by rightly bemoaning cuts in funding for groups like 56 Dean Street ('The film arrives amid a £200m health cut. Of the many people I hope get to see Chemsex, perhaps Jeremy Hunt will be among the first'), but fails to see this might be a reason David Stuart is hyping the chemsex 'endemic'. *


* Similarly Flynn foregrounds the article with; 'This is the first film to explore a gay subculture that’s recently found notoriety in the mainstream media after the NHS and the British Medical Journal identified it as a health priority,'

He does not mention that the co-author of the short BMJ report and its main spokesbot was Paul Willis, who works at Antidote, another London LGBT drugs service. linked to 56 Dean Street. And yes, one D. Stuart used to work there.

The statistics the BMJ report cited were usually obediently regurgitated without question in the fulsome media coverage, and often further mangled.

Quentin Crisp: A Brunch With Greatness

When I found out Quentin Crisp had moved to America, Tom (my partner at the time) and I thought we had to figure out how to meet him. Growing up, I had seen The Naked Civil Servant and we had just been to see his film Resident Alien. So Tom said let’s just look him up – and he was listed!

“We’d love to take you to lunch,” we said. And he goes, in that voice: “Hold on please while I check the Sacred Book.” There was a rustling noise and he wrote it in his diary and we arranged to meet at a restaurant.

It was for lunch on a Sunday. Lo and behold, there he was.

He was 80, which meant he'd actually been in New York for ten years.

I don't remember much about it really.

He probably said something very witty and we all laughed.

Did you know he dyed his hair?

Anyway, I'll just end with a quote I found on Google and - hey bingo - we're done!

Ed Burstell remembers a clearly not very memorable encounter with Quentin Crisp in The Observer.

Zoolander 2: Call To Boycott All

Oh, please.

This is the sort of thing the LGBT media do.

Even thousands of people clicking on an online petition is pretty meaningless in the general scheme of things.

Remember the call to boycott Star Wars VII as it 'promotes white genocide' - a couple of racist cunts used it as a hashtag and it became a HUGE NEWS STORY!

Here's an e-petition to Boycott 50 Shades Of Grey - 'Say no to abuse'.

And don't get me started on Frozen -  'I could blatantly see the homosexual agenda...'

I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way. - See more at:
I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way. - See more at:
I think this cute little movie is going to indoctrinate my 5-year-old to be a lesbian or treat homosexuality or bestiality in a light sort of way. - See more at:
Or how about one man's crass 'campaign' to 'Drop the T in LGBT'?


PS Will you sign my petition to ban online petitions?, James North.

Commonwealth: Where The Sin Never Sets

... Astonishingly, some form of “right to matrimonial rape” is still in force in most Commonwealth countries. It exists alongside other archaic laws, many aimed at gay people, which have a draconian effect on intimate relationships. Gay men are the most frequent targets but the stigma affects lesbians as well, even in jurisdictions where sexual relations between women are not specifically prohibited. 

David Cameron has promised to raise the issue at the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Malta next weekend, armed with a report from the Human Dignity Trust on the effects of discriminatory laws on LGBT people.

In the past few years, the situation has got worse. India decriminalised same-sex relationships between consenting adults in 2009, but this was reversed by the Supreme Court in 2013. New laws in countries such as Uganda, which last year increased sentences for people found guilty of same-sex relationships, are sometimes used to suggest that prejudice is rooted in local culture. But it’s also a legacy of colonialism, and its legal framework based on traditional English law that treats gay people and women as second-class citizens.

This is rarely acknowledged when right-wing historians talk wistfully about the British empire. Most Commonwealth states retain laws that reflect punitive Victorian (and earlier) attitudes: gay sex is illegal in 40 out of 53 countries, while almost half fail to recognise that men can be raped too.

Think about this country, before homosexuality was decriminalised in 1967, when gay people had to conceal relationships and live in fear of blackmail; that’s the situation in one Commonwealth country after another. Except that it’s worse: effective HIV education is next to impossible where homosexuality is stigmatised; Commonwealth states account for 30 per cent of the world’s population but have more than 60 per cent of HIV cases... 

Joan Smith, Independent On Sunday.

Yes, of course anti-gay laws will hinder efforts to fight Aids, but your piece raises a few obvious questions, Joan...

How often are these laws enforced; systematically, regularly, erratically, never? [Please break this down by country].

If the anti-gay laws are to blame then how come; 'the stigma affects lesbians as well, even in jurisdictions where sexual relations between women are not specifically prohibited.'

Colonial laws were written a century ago, and the end of the British Empire began generations ago, are you sure we can carry on blaming everything on these?

Doesn't David Cameron telling them to change reveal a neo-colonial mindset, too?

How do you think the respective countries' leaders being bossed around by 'Greater Britain' will go down with their subjects/citizens? And therefore, do you think their politicians will welcome this or denounce it?

Can you explain the high incidence of HIV in Sub-Saharan African countries that aren't members of the Commonwealth?


Salah Abdeslam: The Suicide Bummer

They often saw him in the club, the clean-shaven 26-year-old who enjoyed smoking joints and chatting with other men. He was in the gay sex bar in central Brussels as recently as one month ago, and nobody who saw him lounging comfortably there could have imagined for a moment that he was about to become the most wanted man in Europe.

The handsome youth with a taste for hashish has since been identified as Salah Abdeslam, suspected of being part of the terrorist unit that killed 130 people in Paris last weekend. The attackers were hailed in jihadist circles as martyrs, yet for regulars at the men-only clubs in the Saint-Jacques quarter of central Brussels, Abdeslam was just another pot-smoking party-goer.

“We had him down as a rent boy, he was always hanging out with that kind of crowd,” said Julien, the bartender of a club Abdeslam visited last month. The owners of the club, who spoke to The Sunday Times on condition that they not be identified, recognised Abdeslam’s picture in the aftermath of the attacks and immediately alerted the police, who are now studying CCTV footage of the area.

Isis, which has claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks, regards homosexuality as evil and routinely punishes suspected gay people by throwing them off high buildings or stoning them to death. Adulterers have been decapitated, drinkers and smokers have been maimed or flogged.

Jihadist with Attitude?
 Abdeslam’s enthusiasm for Brussels nightlife made him an improbable Isis recruit, yet French police are now certain he played a key role in renting two of the cars used by the attackers. He is believed to have participated in the assaults on restaurants close to the Bataclan theatre, where most of the victims died.

Abdeslam’s 31-year-old brother, Brahim, seems an equally unlikely jihadist. He ran a bar in the Brussels district of Molenbeek that was shut down by police a week before the attacks for the illegal sale of drugs.

“Brahim and Salah spent most of their days smoking hashish and playing on PlayStation in the bar,” Karim, 25, one of the brothers’ closest friends, told The Sunday Times. “There was nothing to suggest they were radicalised.”

Brahim joined his brother for the restaurant assaults. He eventually blew himself up on the street, but Salah disappeared and is now the subject of the biggest hunt in French police history, with 2,000 officers assigned to the case...

Sunday Times - then goes on forever with the usual speculative padding thought to constitute 'investigative reporting'.

Told ya so!

Though as no-one is identified - which would be quite understandable in this instance, admittedly - all of the above may be made-up.

But I think he's got a gayface, and that's good enough for me.

PS Fagburn was also AGAIN the first to connect all this to the DEADLY CHEMSEX CRAZE! (Though I was being sarcastic).

Update: Mail Online readers on top form today!

'It's been noted before that alot of the terrorists are gay, and while there is nothing wrong with this...' etc etc.