Friday, 6 November 2015

Attitude: Inevitably

Attitude explores the reality of ‘chemsex’ and the rising use of party drugs like crystal meth, mephedrone and GHB across an in-depth, 18-page feature. We hear from 18 gay/bisexual men, who talk frankly about their own personal experience of using drugs and the devastating affect its had on both themselves and those around them.


Not read it yet, but presume they haven't just spoken to 18 men that drugs have had a 'devastating affect' [Effect?] on, yes?

Update: I was touched by Matthew Todd's editor's letter acknowledging how much Fagburn has set the agenda for the chemsex debate. x

PS Can people stop saying variations on 'Let's talk about gay sex and drugs' - have you not noticed EVERYBODY IS? 

Even if they're usually just quoting London's in-no-way hysterical anti-chemsex party cabal...

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