Monday, 16 November 2015

BBC Three Counties Radio: Alan Partridge Quits!

A BBC radio presenter has left his job after a row with bosses sparked by calling anti-gay views 'bigotry' on his show.

Iain Lee, along with the BBC, has apologised for his comments which were made during his show which were directed at Christian Legal Centre lawyer Libby Powell, when she stated that according to the Bible, homosexuality was a sin.

Powell had joined the programme, BBC Three Counties Radio breakfast show, to defend a reverend who had been accused of being homophobic after citing anti-gay verses from the Bible at a prison service.

During Lee’s breakfast show, he referred to the anti-gay passages in the Christian holy book as “bigoted” and “homophobic”.

Lee asked Powell if she “supported bigotry” and said that branding homosexuality as a sin was fuelling hatred.

Powell argued that the anti-gay passages did not constitute bigotry, because the Bible verses did not call for people to attack gay people, but that it was more about “the lifestyle”, and pointed to other Bible teachings which also frowned upon “people who have sex before marriage” and “people who steal".

The BBC and Lee have said that the presenter had been “at several points inappropriate”...


Well done Iain, you're a top lad and local radio's best-loved anarchist (who I secretly quite fancy).

Time for the BBC, like all media, to stop treating Christian nutters like they've got some god-given right to talk about gay stuff.

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  1. It's about time someone called out these people and their selective biblical quotes. That quote about a camel going through the eye of a needle being easier than a rich man getting into heaven doesn't get much love from Christians does it? I won't hold my breath until there as many anti capitalist Christians on the BBC as anti homosexual ones though.